Here at LYBD you have at your finger tips everything you need to learn your Bridal Dance online with no fuss in the comfort of your own home. Rhett & Emma will guide you through every single step. Are you ready to put your dancing shoes on?


All of the LYBD dances are broken down into simple easy to follow step by step pieces for the couple and also the individual. 


Learn and practice online in the comfort of your own home. No one’s watching and there are no time pressures. You can relax and enjoy!


With over 100 Bridal Dances under their belts (including their own) you’re in safe hands with Rhett & Emma. They know what works.

Each Learn Your Bridal Dance is broken down into a series of videos accessible online, on all devices, so you can see everything you need to know: what the dance looks like; what the basis of the dance is step-by-step; the alignments of the dance (so it looks great for your audience); the fancy stuff and how to make it look fabulous and tips on how to make your first dance as Husband and Wife memorable for all the right reasons.

Membership gives you access to every dance style, so ALL songs are covered – no matter what your song, a Full Access Membership has you covered! It lasts for 12 months, so you’ve got plenty of time to practice, get the dance so it feels comfortable and practice in your shoes and a similar style dress so there are no surprises on the big day.

It’s also a ‘choose your own adventure’ style dance. Each dance starts with the most basic version of the dance, right through to the fanciest, with lifts and highlights. Each step builds on the last, so you can choose when you’re ready or if you want to go on to do something a little harder. You might even surprise yourselves!

Rhett & Emma and the team at LYBD are also available to answer any questions you have as you go through!

So what do you get?


When you purchase a LYBD membership you’re given instant access to all videos and Bridal Dance pages, like this one on the left. On this page you have EVERYTHING you need to get your (perhaps) two left feet to start looking like Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers.


With 12 month access, you have plenty of time to follow the series of videos which guide you step by step through to your final dance, ready for your Big Day! Each dance starts with a foundation of how to get the best out of your videos and also everything you need to know about being successful on the day (like your shoes, dance hold, dresses etc). From there, Rhett & Emma guide you through the Man and Lady’s steps, quite literally, step by step! It’s all optimised for mobile and tablets, so you have your dance teacher in your pocket!


Each membership includes a basic dance, a classic dance which builds on the basic and finally a premium dance which builds on the classic. This means you don’t have to worry about your (or your partner’s) ability to dance. The basic dance will have EVERYONE looking like a star, then you might surprise yourselves and move on to the next level of the dance adding in some lovely highlights that look great in photos!


Even though there are more challenging steps in the higher levels of the dance, Rhett & Emma break them all down for you to learn and practice. Here’s the thing, if you feel in the end you want to just do the Classic, you can just stop there – no pressure!


And if you need help? Rhett & Emma and the team are only an email away.

All these dances below and more are included in the Full Access Membership. Join Today


The Waltz is the most traditional Bridal Dance which is why it’s often referred to as a Bridal Waltz. Many classic songs fit this dance as well as some current ones like Adele’s Someone Like You. 

The Rhythm Foxtrot is by far the most popular dance for Bridal Dances because it’s easy to learn and fits most current songs including Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud.  

Swing is for the couple who wants something a little more fun and contemporary. It’s suited to upbeat songs like Michael Buble’s Everything. 

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